Port Elizabeth Mental Health is a professional service organisation operating since 1939. We are a community driven organisation promoting the needs of people with intellectual disability, psychosocial disability and their families as well as those people experiencing life crisis. The organisation renders a holistic service to the family.

We strive to create a dynamic movement that promotes mental wellbeing and resilience in the Eastern Cape. We facilitate training, skills development and community driven support networks that unlock local resources and inspire innovation amongst learning partners. We further advocate for inclusion and rights protection of people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities.

Working with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all by:

 To enhance mental wellbeing and independence through education and skills development.(Masakhane—”Lets build one another”)
 To promote resilient communities through self sustaining mental health care networks. (Khatala—”Dare to Care”)
 To promote Ubuntu (humanity) and mental health innovation through networking and advocacy.(Khanyisa – “Enlighten”)
 To promote an efficient, professional and sustainable organisation. (‘The Engine’)

The Organisation believes in an accountable partnership between the society, individual and the community. It accepts the uniqueness of each individual and recognises the potential of people. Its management is responsive and based on participation, mutual trust and respect. Its structure is such that it encourages and facilitates the development of competence and commitment to the mental health movement in its management, staff and volunteers.