BULELWA MKALELWASocial Worker at Port Elizabeth Mental Health
Motto: Don’t disable my ability

Services rendered

• Provision of intake services at Provincial Psychiatric Clinic
• To ensure that effective awareness and prevention programs are implemented.
• To ensure professional skills training programmes are facilitated.
• Providing youth and adults with mental disabilities and their families with therapeutic, support and rehabilitation programmes.
• Assisting children with mental disabilities and their families through the referral for special schools.
• Provision of Peer Buddy programme to learners – enhancing coping skills towards optimal well-being and promotion of resourceful resilience.
• Implementation of advocacy programmes aimed at ensuring the rights of persons with mental disabilities are recognised.

Contact details:

(W): 041 365 0502

(F): 041-365 0529

(E): bymkalelwa35@gmail.com